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About The Studio

Creative Well is a full-service multidisciplinary design studio specializing in print and digital media. I form long-lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and community organizations to help businesses grow.


Process and Product
First, we look at the scope of the project. From streamlining file management to establishing your budget parameters, we determine the most efficient work flow and also meet your deadlines.

We will analyze your local, national, and/or global audience to develop the best content driven marketing solutions that reach your audience and promote your message.

Then, utilizing the four basic design values of clarity, authenticity, brevity, and humanity as our guide, we combine visual qualities appropriate to your target audience to draft elegant, original, smart, intuitive, user friendly, clean designs to make your voice unique and memorable.


About The Artist


Elizabeth GunterCreative Well Design started planting its roots in 2003 after graduating from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Since then I've had the plreasure of sharpening my creative instincts and excellent oral and written communication skills by working with a variety of clients from different industries. Utilizing the ideal balance of a traditional art background and the latest technology I tackle projects with the determination and passion necessary to enrich my career. Please take a moment to browse samples in the portfolio.


Born in NYC and raised across the Holland Tunnel in NJ, I practically grew up with one foot in each state. I am the daughter of a baker's foreman, my Dad, who traveled to Bedford every day to literally bring home the bread. My Mom, a pattern maker for a NYC fashion designer would also work from home on special projects. I grew up tinkering with lots of cardboard and fabric, every kids dream. Mom's pallet of fabrics, thread and pattern design planning taught me a lot about color, texture, shape and form. I continued to look at the world around me and study how it all fits together seeking truth, beauty and brevity sometimes with my camera, pastels or some other found object. In high school I was coeditor of our award winning school literary art magazine. During my college years and professional career, I have worked on collaborative projects and find that being a professional is truly fun, inspiring, and rewarding. Today more than ever I use creativity and resourcefulness to help bring ideas and people together for some serious design!

Thank you for considering me for your next design project. If you have any questions please email me, Elizabeth Gunter at

Let's create something great together!