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I have known Elizabeth for years and have had the privilege of working with her on dozens of projects. She always brings a fresh and creative eye to each one and yet is always attuned to her clients' needs. I have seen her diplomatically and successfully navigate truly awful "design by committee" projects to end up with a great design and happy customers—always with professionalism and a fine sense of humor. Elizabeth ensures she meets your specific goals, whether for branding, one-off projects, or a series of related assignments. I enjoy working with her and highly recommend her savvy and design expertise!"

—Kate Corcoran
   Director of Membership & Information Systems, MLA

Elie knew exactly what I wanted before I did! She was able to take a vague idea in my head and bring it to life, better than I imagined it. She is fast and precise and am grateful to have her expertise as part of my arsenal.

—Cyndee Jacobson
   Founder, Homes for Hearts Foundation

Elizabeth's work helped propel our image from fairly ragtag to clean, professional, and absolutely eye-catching. Not only was she was able to capture the "feel" of our organization and the many diverse activities we engage in, but she was always willing to go the extra mile to do so. She was always ready to take on a project, was *extremely* patient with our multiple demands, and responded to our criticism and feedback with the utmost professionalism (as well as a bevy of alternatives. She finished projects on time, often early, and always with exactly the look we wanted. I can't recommend her highly enough.

—Michelle Boyd
   Associate Director, IRRPP, UIC

Elizabeth Rodriguez is the whole package, a talented and innovative graphic designer who can handle anything from a new corporate identity to "rescue missions" on problematic art. She understands her clients' needs and works to make sure that they are satisfied. She is always full of fresh ideas and brings a superior level of design skill to every project. She's also a pleasure to work with, with her diplomatic and professional attitude and great sense of humor. Highly recommended.

—Elizabeth Lund
   Director of Publications, MLA

One of the best graphic designers I have had the privilege of working with. She gives you what you ask for plus alternate designs that take the initial concept in more creative direction. She works collaboratively, takes suggestions for revisions with grace, but never concedes to bad design. She's great with color, too.

—Lynanne Feilen
   Managing Editor, ACS

Elizabeth whom I have known for years, is a extremely talented and kind person. Able to accomplish in short order exactly what I needed to be made whole as a business. I expected and received nothing but the best results and enjoyed pleasant communication while in the process. Her quick response to my every need made this worth much more than I was asked to pay and as a person she presented herself with the utmost professionalism and understanding in every venue. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a business associate as well as a friend. I highly recommend her!

—Dana Braunstein

I worked directly with Elizabeth for several years on various print projects. During that time she showed excellent creativity in designing a wide variety of artwork for newsletters, brochures, invitations, posters, and more. I would recommend Elizabeth as a first-rate graphic designer!

—John Dwyer
   Senior Sales Consultant, Quality Printing