Untamed Yoga

Not your everyday yoga class; this yoga is for humans. Humans who need the benefits of a yoga practice but are intimidated by the unfamiliar nuances of the practice. 

For this brand, we created an identity package that captured the deep and powerful freedom yoga can be as a part of daily practice with the symbolism of the bird totem with a touch of inspiration from the southwest.

Client Bio:

Untamed Yoga’s mission is to help you unleash your most authentic self. By integrating breath and movement, we release old baggage and cultivate presence. We tailor yoga to fit YOU, making the practice accessible and meaningful. Our vision is to bridge the divide of awkwardness, intimidation, or inflexibility that prevents you from finding yoga. We welcome you as you are–no need for special attire, “enlightenment,” or any knowledge of yoga whatsoever. Through somatic awareness and functional movement, your mind and body will shift into its most optimal health and alignment.

May 2020