West Village

Soon after starting out as a coffee truck in July 2017 the southern Utah community arrived in swarms at Affogato. They came for the gourmet beverages and stayed for the cool vibe that does everything it can to support local artists and businesses. So it’s no surprise that Affogato quickly outgrew the space around the truck and opened a storefront by their second anniversary. We decided to celebrate it with a rebrand of their logo to be a portrait for the community that loves it there. For the rebrand, we introduced a colorful textured background to represent the artistry and loving chaos that goes into every beverage and everything they do in the space. The analogy of painting and the mixing quality pigment into the paint for an artist to create a masterpiece represented the colorful quality spices and ingredients that go into their handcrafted beverages, an obvious fit for Affogato. But they didn’t stop there Affogato then grew into the entire building and welcomed local artisans and businesses to create what’s now called West Village. A place for Coffee, Community, Comedy, Music, and Art. As a designer, my favorite brainstorming sessions are with Affogato. They are so consistent with their brand messaging and tone its serious play by design every time. The Brand culture at Affogato is not just a brand it’s a way of life beyond the coffee cup and what’s inside the cup is truly a representation of the culture they create with their customers, and especially with their staff.   We have truly enjoyed being on this journey with Affogato since its inception and watching it grow and evolve with the community as tides change has been extraordinary. Affogato has figured out the ideal brand goal. Creating more than a coffeehouse, but a coffee home.